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7 Good Reasons Why We Exist

We're all about treading our own path. We've gathered a team of likeminded individuals who value their character and reputation over profit. Since January 2016, homeowners have put their trust in us and saved thousands in fees and marketing. Not only that, they've been impressed with the results. Best of all, they talk about the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an agent who has their back, from start to finish. So what fuels our fire?

1. Let's confront the elephant in the room. We're here to protect our clients from real estate greed and unethical behaviours. We know real estate is a negative-reputation game. We're here to challenge the status quo.

2. This industry will be altered forever by technology. We are meeting that reality with open minds. Our focus is preparation, marketing, and negotiation. The rest of the real estate revolution will be automated and outsourced. Managing the process well is how we leave you with more money in your pocket.

3. That said, we've rewritten the rules on fees. Sympathise with anyone who says we're discounting. They believed there was a benchmark price to discount from. There isn't. They may have paid too much but you don't have to. We're not part of a franchise with exorbitant fees. We all work from home to reduce our overheads, improve our work/life balance, and pass the savings onto you. Like we said, we want to protect your bottom line.

4. The fees are simple. We charge a flat fee of $12,500 incl. GST for residential homes and $17,500 incl. GST for lifestyle properties. Regardless of your sale price. You will need to throw in some money for marketing. Our guarantee though, is that your hard earned money won't go towards things that don't work. We don't use expensive newspaper ads. Nor do we put up picture signboards at the end of cul-de-sacs where nobody sees them. These are a thing of the past.

5. We treat our buyers and sellers as we want to be treated. If it doesn’t resonate with the core of our character, we don't do it. No cold calling, door knocking or begging family and friends for business. The 80/20 rule says that 20% of our activity will generally result in 80% of our productivity. Most agents use half their time on anti-social 'prospecting' activities for little return. Ditching those activities means we spend more productive time selling your home.

6. The most important work happens before your property comes on the market. First impressions last which is we use the Value Driven Approach To Selling Real Estate. If you want to know more about our documented approach, drop us a line for a free copy of our book.

7. We've eliminated anyone with a conflict of interest from the selling process. Your agent will deal with every buyer. Gone are the days of driving buyers all over town, showing them 20 properties, hoping they'll buy one. We love buyers but our focus is on you and your property. You’re the one paying our bills, not them.

If you're serious about selling your property, then talk to one of our agents. If you want to dip your toes in the market, we recommend phoning the last agent to put a flyer in your letterbox. Our goal is to challenge the status quo in a way that's generous, constructive, and humorous. We aim to redeem the industry and tell the truth about how to avoid the fundamental mistakes and get the best results. If you like the way we think, we’re here to talk.