Jess Barnes

Jess’s enthusiastic and professional real estate guidance makes her a leader in the Whangarei community. Due to her innate capacity for organisation and effective communication, the experience of marketing your property with Jess means, “everything flows with ease” and “communication is a breeze”, as some of her clients say.

Jess takes pride in supporting her clients throughout the entire process. “I’m fully engaged from preparation to going out and finding the buyer. I don’t give up if it gets tough, if there’s an offer out there, I’ll find it.”

She has a vast professional and personal network in Whangarei, with her vital connections originating from her 15 years of sales and marketing experience working in Whangarei’s small business community.

"The Home is often very close to the heart and I understand the connection my clients have with their properties. In most cases, they are parting with a home with fond memories and unforgettable experiences and generally have sacrificed long hours renovating or adding valued improvements. Being a family of four in our own home, and living locally most of my life I understand this connection."

Jess Barnes is here for you! She would love to sit down over a coffee and listen to your essential home sales needs. Let Jess share her valuable expertise and apply her proactive marketing plan to your listing. Jess’s proven marketing and sales expertise will attract buyers quickly with excellent financial results in a timely manner. Call Jess today!

Jess Barnes

Office Address
1 Kensington Avenue, Whangarei, 0110, New Zealand