Josh Ainsley

Josh is known for his hard-working ethics, knowing when the job needs done is never the task for Josh, he is always one step ahead ready for the next turn strategizing the right formulas to get the Job completed. Focused on results is what motivates Josh, you will find him always head down searching for the next best thing, the fastest the more technical or just the most productive way to achieve results. Josh will always adopt the best mode of marketing, his innovative spirit will always capsulate the advantages of the process and put it into action.

Josh is excited to be uniting with family members in the industry, well established in real estate ,mother Camille Ainsley and Brother-in-Law Lei Aholelei. Bringing a family association to the industry working together when required will offer a new dimension to their clients with superior service.

Without hesitation processing new innovative concepts will be second nature to his everyday marketing approach for his clients. When there seems no way, Josh will find a way. Determination and a sound confidence enables Josh to offer a superior service within the real estate market. When time is of the essence make sure you call Josh first.

Josh Ainsley

Office Address
307 Highgate, Roslyn, Dunedin, 9010, New Zealand