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Wayne Densem Realty

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PO Box 3480, New Zealand
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PO Box 3480, Richmond, 7050, New Zealand
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New Zealand
Nelson, Tasman


The business journey began at high school when I started a music studio teaching the guitar. Over the next few years this grew into having 5 teachers and 250+ pupils, plus playing professionally in bands.

After finishing school the clothing trade called, selling menswear, however at age 24 self employment was the direction taken and over the next 10 years retailing and manufacturing clothing was the focus.

There came a turning point in 1988 where I was sick of large staff numbers and wanted to get back to what I loved. Helping people solve problems, so I joined the insurance industry. No mean feat with pre schoolers and a stay at home mum.

The one on one interaction helping people is my passion and that continues today.

The love of property began in the 90's when we bought the first one, a commercial building in ChCh.

Working in property, helping investors has always been a passion, and that continues today.

Six years owning a property management company looking after 600 properties and staff, also was challenging.

Real estate is my calling as it is about helping people one on one achieve their dreams and to this end joining Oneagency was the opportunity to join a professional group and build a wider business that focuses on just that.

Come and join the journey with us.