Rebecca Baldwin

Who is Rebecca Baldwin

25 years in the veterinary industry should tell you a lot about Rebecca. She absolutely loves animals and as most animal lovers are, Rebecca is very compassionate, empathetic and also a people person. Over her career Rebecca has worked in all aspects of the industry including Veterinary Nursing, Veterinary Technician, Administration, Human Resources and is conversant in all facets of the organisation. Rebecca migrated to New Zealand in 2006 from England where she originally completed her qualification. Rebecca decided to make a career change and continued to educate herself on her other passions, business and Real Estate. Combining them led her towards Commercial Real Estate where she absolutely loves facilitating and brokering deals with positive outcomes for all parties. She is extremely proficient in developing and implementing processes and procedures and has managed 53 separate entities in a commercial Management company. Rebecca has owned and managed a successful business, is currently a co-owner of a commercial property management company, a Managing Director of One Agency Property Team and is fervent about investments. As part of Rebecca’s continuing education she still allocates time to completing her diploma in business. Rebecca would tell you that great communication, timeliness, attention to detail and the ability to create relationships are her forte. She would also invite you to come and have a cup of tea and chat about anything commercial.